Writing research article advice beginners knitting

Whatever image we choose to present to the world, we have secret passions. These are the interests that intrigue us and determine how we relax and unwind. For women, there also seems to be a universal desire to express our creativity.

Writing research article advice beginners knitting

She has dug herself out of many a trench, and it is from this hard-earned experience—and perhaps in the hopes of making her own job easier in the future—that Kate wrote this book.

The Truth of the Matter Not all great designers are great pattern writers, just like not all great musicians make good teachers. Writing patterns is a skill in itself, one that should be respected, studied, practiced, and constantly refined.

Start by reading this book. It contains a multitude of examples of common challenges and ideal ways in which they can be overcome, all based solidly in best-of-class, real-world examples. As an added bonus, the book is peppered with tips and anecdotes from other established knitwear designers, too.

Kate had me frequently nodding in agreement as she walked through the very basics of a written pattern, from the common structure and elements gauge, measurements, abbreviations, etc.

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That same passion for precision shines clearly here. Common Peeves What kind of precision am I talking about? Such information is equally helpful to non-designers, who will now know to raise a red flag when they see this in a pattern. It will not appropriately help you scale that pattern to a different size.

I can almost hear her pound her fist on the table as she says it. The marker will slip through the YO and cause no end of confusion.

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It will not, for example, teach you how to design, nor will it teach you how to photograph or market your work. There are other resources for that.Individualism is a distinctive quality of boomer women. Whatever image we choose to present to the world, we have secret passions.

These are the interests . 7. Play Board Games.

writing research article advice beginners knitting

Set aside an evening to play board games with your friends or family. This fun hobby is a low-cost way to spend time with your loved ones, as you only need to buy a secondhand boardgame – or it is free, if you already have some laying around!

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10 quilting tips for beginners, including common problems and how to The good news is that you can avoid most of them with just a little research and preparation. Tip #1. Unless fabric care instructions say otherwise, always prewash your fabric.

cut once". Take this advice to heart. It's a sad waste of fabric and money when you've cut.

writing research article advice beginners knitting

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Guidelines as Topic* Periodicals as Topic* Research* Writing*. With the growth of my brand, I've been getting emails from knitters of all levels, mostly at the beginning stages of designing their own patterns, seeking advice on various topics: social media how-to, pattern writing basics, collaborations, etc.

However the most common question I get is "Where.

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