The positive impact and benefit of going into prison

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The positive impact and benefit of going into prison

Oakes Driving toward the U. We stop at an isolated convenience store on state highway 86 to get coffee, gum, and sunflower seeds for the road.

The sun starts to come up and rapidly the JPEG 1 heat of the day ahead bears down on us. The two-lane road winds, dips and rises through the Organ Pipe National Monument. Terrain densely populated with towering saguaro cactus, they block the rising sun in the distance and flash past resembling a strobe light.

The positive impact and benefit of going into prison

Taking in the scenery as we speed to our beach destination, abruptly the sight of a Border Patrol tower intrudes on the landscape. Several hundred yards beyond as we crest the next ridge our driver hits the brakes.

Immigration, whether authorized or unauthorized, has occurred throughout the world from the beginning of time and will most likely continue for all ages; a fact of life presently contributing to the deterioration of various desert life forms.

Until recent years, one could travel into the desert to explore the extensive varieties of flora and fauna indigenous to the area without ever encountering another soul or any remnant signaling the proximity of a nearby civilization. On the whole, it has remained an untouched JPEG 2 no-mans land.

However, gradual indicators of illicit activity have emerged in areas considered to be corridors of illegal immigrant movement. Why would anyone care what happens to it? Yet, I can say with great pride that the Sonoran Desert is a distinctly beautiful place that exhibits great character. A region that, in fact, encompassessquare miles in southwestern Arizona, southeastern California, as well as most of Baja California and the western half of the state of Sonora, Mexico, it is a vast desert that consists of diverse ecosystems.

Nogales, Tucson, and Phoenix Arizona seem to be experiencing the brunt of illegal immigration.

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Encompassing around 2, species of plants, including the federally protected saguaro cactus which is primarily found in Southern Arizona; the Saguaro National Park is largely the area affected by the substantial number of unauthorized immigrants traveling on foot across this territory.

Unlike most deserts, the Southern Arizona desert receives heavy rainfall during the monsoon season; rainfall which causes normally dry-river beds to swell and surge over the banks. Although the rain is quickly absorbed by the parched, cracked earth as if it were a dry sponge, it provides incredible relief from the heat and almost magically enhances desert vistas.

Immediately, one recognizes the power of life in the rain, not to mention the awesome displays of rainbows produced by the same. Since the ringing-in of the new millennium, a forty percent increase in unauthorized immigration, particular to the southwestern border, has severely impacted the ecology, not to mention the economy in the region.

Most notably, statistics show that over the past thirty years, illegal immigration has escalated from roughlyunauthorized entries per year in to aboutper year since The significant rise in illegal immigration in recent years has caused great controversy and contempt as the burden of medical and education assistance has taxed existing programs causing everyday citizens to take notice.

Contemplating and analyzing what has caused the shift sinceclearly there is increased desperation of many to make them wander the perils of the desert landscape.

One must observe that their motivation to enter illegally is essentially two-fold. Acknowledging that no one human being should be barred from aspiring to excel in life, migrants are typically seekers of personal improvement.

In that sense they should be congratulated.Kermit Washington, who played ten season in the NBA, including three for the Portland Trail Blazers, has been sentenced to six years in federal prison without parole for false tax returns and identity theft related to a charity fraud scheme. Impact of the Drug War and Drug Policies on Youth, The Poor, and The Family.

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Prison Voicemail. The voicemail service for prisoners and their families. Leave messages at any time. Communication is better when it goes both ways. We help you feel closer to your prisoner by enabling you to leave . December 15, Desert Trash: Illegal Immigrants’ Impact on the Environment By Rosa P.

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Oakes. Driving toward the U.S. – Mexican border in the wee hours of the morning there is a cool breeze coming in through the window.

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