The balance between what is paid for and what is received in customer service

If your customer later pays you for the debt, you must account for the money you receive. The exact method you use to account for the recovery of a bad debt depends on the structure of your chart of accounts and the steps you took to write off the receivable.

The balance between what is paid for and what is received in customer service

She even gave Catherine her personal contact information so that she could reach her directly in the future. Say sorry and express sincere regret.

Be specific about what happened. Give your customer your contact information for extra measure. Make excuses or shift blame.

The balance between what is paid for and what is received in customer service

Leave the issue unresolved. Apologizing for a Damaged or Defective Product or Service Research by Bain and Company shows that acquiring a new customer is anywhere between five and 25 times more expensive than retaining an existing one.

When we are approached by a customer who is upset by a defective product or service, responding with a professional apology that offers the customer a hassle-free solution is an important part of ensuring customer retention.

Which of these two example apologies do you think did it better? I have refunded you for the inconvenience. If you would like to order a new one, please visit our website at www.

She refunded him without further question and redirected him to the website, leaving him more likely to abandon his purchase given this annoying extra step. She also left him without a solution as far as what to do with the damaged product. We are truly sorry that the item that you received did not function as promised.

We understand your disappointment, and apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you. Before we ship any product, it undergoes several stages of quality checks.

It is our intention to provide only the highest quality items to our customers, and we regret that your product slipped past our quality measures. We have gone ahead and shipped you a new Light Up Holiday Picture Frame, which should arrive at your specified address in business days.

When you receive it, please return the defective frame in the enclosed box. Customer Service Representative This time, Janis provided the customer with a hassle-free replacement. After gauging how upset Zachary was about his defective purchase, she went the extra mile to show him that his satisfaction mattered by offering him a complimentary coupon.

Provide the customer with a hassle-free replacement. Gauge how upset the customer is — if needed, offer the customer a care token, such as a discount, to show that you care about their loyalty and satisfaction.

Make the customer take extra steps on their own that you could easily help them with, such as reordering a product. Apologizing for Delayed or Improper Shipping There are several scenarios in which a customer might receive an item that was shipped late or improperly.

Maybe a snowstorm delayed shipment. Whatever the case, follow our next good apology example, and avoid the bad one. The item has yet to arrive from our provider and unfortunately still has not been shipped from our facilities. Please check back in later with us to see if it has arrived.

Here, Edward failed to give Alice any sort of information about what caused the shipping delay and when her product would arrive. By telling her to check back later, Edward created one unsatisfied customer who would find herself once again waiting in the dreaded queue for any answers.

The demand for this popular item has exceeded our expectations, and our stock is depleted. However, we will receive a new shipment of fans next Friday, which we will expedite to our customers.

The balance between what is paid for and what is received in customer service

We understand that as a loyal customer, when you make a purchase you expect to receive your product in a timely manner. We know that we have let you down, and for that we are very sorry.

Please advise us on whether you would like to cancel your order or have us ship the ceiling fan once it becomes available. You can click here at any time for live shipping and service updates.The credit manager determined that a customer account with a balance of $1, was uncollectible (without regard to the information in a above).

Received customer payment on account. that revenues are recognized when earned and expenses are recognized when incurred without regard to when cash is received or paid.

Customer agrees to pay service charges of 1 ½% interest per month on any invoice amount past due until paid, both before and after judgment and further agrees to pay all costs incurred in collection of past due amounts, including attorney’s fees in t he amount of 1/3 of the total balance.

A proven enforcement system. Innovation. and whichever method you choose, we have customer service specialists ready to assist you and answer any questions you may have.

On-Line proper credit to the non-custodial parent and make sure your contract balance is reduced by the amount of each payment received. Customer Service. From start to. When you start using the service, we'll give your organisation a unique ID code (the ‘Customer ID') and other security information.

Security & payments To make payments or some inter-account transfers you'll need authorisation via a smartcard and smartcard reader, giving you another layer of security. This sample letter format is to acknowledge a payment received by a company from a customer.

The payment can be for project completion, goods or services rendered on behalf of the company for the customer. This business letter is perfect for acknowledging monetary transactions and it . A received cash on account journal entry is needed when a business has received cash from a customer and the amount is not allocated to a particular customer invoice or the customer has not yet been invoiced.

For example, suppose a business provides design services and has received cash of £4, from a customer.

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