A study of the legality of a will

First page of the edition of the Napoleonic Code.

A study of the legality of a will

And the fenfe, which the univerfity has entertained of this ample and moft ufeful benefaction, muft appear beyond a doubt from their gratitude in receiving it with all poffible marks of efteem g; from their alacrity and unexampled difpatch in carrying it into execution h; and, above all from the laws and conftitutions by which they have effectually guarded it from the neglect and abufe to which fuch inftitutions are liable i.

We have feen an univerfal emulation, who beft fhould underftand, or moft faithfully pur. Viner is enrolled among the public benefactors of the univerfity by decree of convocation. Viner died June 5, His effects were collected and fettled, near a volume of his work printed, almoft the whole difpofed of, and the accounts made up, in a year and a half from his deceafe, by the very diligent and worthy adminiftrators with the will annexed, Dr.

Whalley of Oriel, Mr. Buckler of All Souls, and Mr. Betts of Univerfity college to whom that care was configned by the univerfity. Another half year was employed in confidering and fettling a plan of the propofed inftitution, and in framing the ftatutes thereupon, which were finally confirmed by convocation on the 3d of July, The profeffor was elected on the 20th of October following, and two fcholars on the fucceeding day.

And, laftly, it was agreed at the annual audit into eftablifh a fellowfhip; and a fellow was accordingly elected in January following.

A study of the legality of a will

THAT the accounts of this benefaction be feparately kept, and annually audited by the delegates of accounts and profeffor, and afterwards reported to convocation. THAT a profefforfhip of the laws of England be eftablifhed, with a falary of two hundred pounds per annum; the profeffor to be elected by convocation, and to be at the time of his election at leaft a mafter of arts or bachelor of civil law in the univerfity of Oxford, of ten years ftanding from his matriculation; and alfo a barrifter at law of four years ftanding at the bar.

THAT every profeffor do continue in his office during life, unlefs in cafe of fuch mifbehaviour as fhall amount to bannition by the univerfity ftatutes; or unlefs he deferts the profeffion of the law by betaking himfelf to another profeffion or unlefs, after one admonition by the vice-chancellor and proctors for notorious neglect, he is guilty of another flagrant omiffion: THAT fuch a number of fellowfhips with a ftipend of fifty pounds per annum, and fcholarfhips with a ftipend of thirty pounds be eftablifhed, as the convocation fhall from time to time ordain, according to the ftate of Mr.

THAT every fellow be elected by convocation, and at the time of election be unmarried, and at leaft a mafter of arts or bachelor of civil law, and a member of fome college or hall in the univerfity of Oxford; the fcholars of this foundation or fuch as have been fcholars if qualified and approved of by convocation to have the preference: THAT every fcholar be elected by convocation, and at the time of election be unmarried, and a member of fome college or hall in the univerfity of Oxford, who fhall have been matriculated twenty four calendar months at the leaft: THE advantages that might refult to the fcience of the law itfelf, when a little more attended to in thefe feats of knowlege, perhaps would be very confiderable.

And as to the intereft, or which is the fame the reputation of the univerfities themfelves, I may venture to pronounce, that if ever this ftudy fhould arrive to any tolerable perfection either here or at Cambridge, the nobility and gentry of this kingdom would not fhorten their refidence upon this account, nor perhaps entertain a worfe opinion of the benefits of academical education.

Neither fhould it be confidered as a matter of light importance, that while we thus extend the pomoeria of univerfity learning, and adopt a new tribe of citizens within thefe philofophical walls, we intereft a of civil law, being duly admonifhed fo to do by the vice-chancellor and proctors: THAT in cafe of any vacancy of the profefforfhip, fellowfhips, or fcholarfhips, the profits of the current year be ratably divided between the predeceffor or his reprefentatives, and the fucceffor; and that a new election be had within one month afterwards, unlefs by that means the time of election fhall fall within any vacation, in which cafe it be deferred to the firft week in the next full term.

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And that before any convocation fhall be held for fuch election, or for any other matter relating to Mr.Through the study of past court cases, you will follow the law governing the system of conditions and obligations a contract represents, as well as the legal resolutions available when contracts are breached.

View Test Prep - GBS Study Guide: Legality from GBS at Chandler-Gilbert Community College. Question 1 1 / 1 pts Restitution will be allowed if party has to pay a penalty which is%(18).

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In free society, laws and law enforcement are to be based on fairness. In legal terms, these concepts are displayed in various ways.

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